Face Your Fridge: Salmon in cilantro yogurt sauce

Saturday was a recipe for danger on the food front. After being out late Friday and partaking of some lovely Mediterranean-diet-approved wine in not-so-Mediterranean-moderate amounts, and adding a couple cocktails after that, I was feeling less than my best. Saturday afternoon I gutted out a deathly slow 10 mile run where I never got into a groove – what I call a “character building run” where your pace sucks and you feel like crap but at least know you can finish in adverse conditions and are (hopefully) tougher for it. Why a disaster on the food front? I came home cranky, dehydrated, and hungry, with very little energy to do something with the limited ingredients languishing in my fridge. Staying in to do school work didn’t help with my mood. But sometimes decent food comes together in a nice way in these straitened circumstances. I shuffled with sore feet and tight legs out of my shower hungry and a little overwhelmed by my own melodramatic exhaustion, typed in the URL for the Domino’s website on my computer, used my better judgment, rolled my eyes, sighed, grumbled, and shuffled to the fridge intead. A little rustling around yielded some The Greek Gods plain Greek yogurt, some fresh cilantro that needed to be used ASAP but was still good, lettuce, a bit of leftover cooked shrimp, and a lime. I always keep wild-caught vacuum-sealed salmon fillets frozen in the freezer. The shrimp weren’t quite as good a match with the yogurt sauce as was the salmon in my opinion; I wanted the extra protein so gobbled it up. Adding a baked sweet potato made it a very satisfying meal. Hope you enjoy. I was glad I made the effort to Face My Fridge and cook dinner with my big girl pants on instead of surrendering to the take-out demons.


Salmon in cilantro yogurt sauce

Salmon fillet, 4-6 oz.
1/2 cup full-fat plain Greek yogurt (such as the Greek Gods brand)
2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh cilantro leaves
Juice of half a lime
Salt to taste
Touch of olive oil for the pan

Sprinkle the salmon fillet with salt and pan fry it for 5-7 minutes on each side on low-medium heat or until cooked through. Meanwhile, place the yogurt, lime juice, cilantro and a pinch of salt in a small saucepan. Warm on low heat until the Greek yogurt liquifies, stirring occasionally. Place the salmon on a platter and immediately cover in the warm yogurt sauce. Serve with a simple green salad or vegetable of choice.

Baked Sweet Potato for Lazy People

Medium baked sweet potato
Tablespoon honey
Pinch salt
Pat of butter

Pierce a medium sweet potato with a fork on two sides. Bake for four minutes in the microwave, flip over and bake for 2-4 more minutes until soft. Cut open, melt a pat of butter into the sweet potato, mash slightly, add a drizzle of honey and a shake of salt. Many restaurants with serve a sweet potato just drenched in butter and sugar. With a little mashing, you get the same effects with just around 100 calories of butter and honey. A pinch of cinnamon also goes nicely.


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